Restorative Yoga

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am 

Tuesday and Thursday

7:00 pm

Unroll your yoga mat and unwind with a therapeutic full-body retreat where you'll explore the fundamental postures and principles of hatha yoga. Our introductory class is set to calming music, and is a foundation-building yoga class that will engage every muscle through movement and breath at a restorative and intuitive pace. All levels welcome.

Cardio Flow Yoga

Monday and Wednesday

5:15 pm

From challenge comes change. This open level yoga class offers options for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Fire up your core and elevate your heart rate as you practice proper posture alignment, move through fluid yoga sequences and build heat from within by connecting  movement to breath. Level 1 and up. 

NamasteFit Yoga Bootcamp

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

8:00 am

When muscle meets yoga you'll transform stress into sweat. This signature class sculpts, and builds lean muscle, boosts metabolism and burns fat. As you move to high octane music, you'll combine free weights with Yoga and cardio to intensify each pose while mixing in strength-training variations like squats, lunges and push-ups. All fitness levels welcome.

mat pilates image.jpg

Designed to create long lean muscle while shaving off excess body fat we put our body weight to work in this 45 min class. Experience deep core strength and increased muscle endurance without the joint pain with our twice a week mat Pilates class!

By appointment only

Because we encounter situations throughout life that leave us feeling shamed, empty, alone, betrayed, or otherwise wounded we often gradually relinquish our underlying wisdom, our underlying needs.  Thru this deeply relaxing and profoundly healing experience of guided mediation and savasana you'll go deeper than our traditional yoga class Savasana to discover your own repressed and untapped authenticity. You'll realize that you were created with unparalleled capacities to transform toxic experiences into energy and resources that sustain and strengthen you. You'll release barriers and blockages you've unknowingly placed on yourself and be empowered to become someone ready to receive from the world everything you ever wanted and gradually decided either doesn't exist, or just isn't for you. You'll let go of self doubt, self sabotage, ego resistance, insecurities and other burdens and patterns you carry that subconsciously guide your life. You'll reconnect with your own divine intuition, to identify and validate your physical, emotional and spiritual needs and clear the residual impact and underlying patterns within yourself to bring you back full circle to your truth, your strength, your integrity, and most importantly your ability to self-advocate, to know yourself well and to stand behind yourself no matter what, so that you may live the way you were intended to as the magnificent, self healing, self creating, unique and divine being that has always been in you to be. No experience necessary.

Kids Yoga

Pre-teen Yoga Grades 5-8

Summer 2018

Growing up can be tough. Learning the fundamentals of yoga helps bridge the gap between childhood and adolescence. Yoga helps them understand what’s going on, giving them time to step back from everyday struggles, it helps them see themselves and their bodies better in the context of their new reality.
In our pre-teen Yoga classes children will work individually and in pairs to explore yoga postures, learn to balance and support each other, become more confident, develop healthier friendships and communicate emotions, thoughts and feelings effectively with trust and recognition in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. They will learn to recognize dimensions to interaction, how to be strong role models to younger peers and siblings and rise to expectations about their roles and responsibilities thru empowerment. Class is one hour. No experience necessary.

Kids Yoga Grades 1-4

Summer 2018

In our early development kids class, grades 1-4, practice playful and imaginative poses that will improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, lots of yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy. Class is 45 minutes. No experience necessary.